Comparative Forms of Short Adjectives

BeComparative AdjectiveThan
Peterisolderthanhis brother.
Planes arefaster thancars.

Where do we use?

a. Use a comparative adjective + than to talk about the difference between two people, places or things.

Jane is taller than Peter.

My computer is slower than your mobile phone.

b. Than is not necessary when the second item in the comparison is understood by both the speaker and the listener.

c. For short adjectives (one syllable) , add -er to the end of the adjective.

old ________ older

new ________ newer

tall ________ taller

d. Some adjectives have irregular comparative forms.

good _____________ better

bad _____________ worse

far _____________ further

e. For adjectives with two or more syllables, add more in front of the adjective

Small cars are more economical than big cars.