A2 Level

Exercise 1Time prepositionsComplete the sentences with a correct preposition
Exercise 2If-zero conditionalsRewrite the sentences by using if conditionals.
Exercise 3If-first conditionalsRewrite the sentences, match and complete them
Exercise 4ComparativesAn activity to practise comparatives (-er/more + adj)
Exercise 5* Past cont. tenseMake sentences using the picture given
Exercise 6*Past cont. tensePicture description and verb forming in past cont. tense
Exercise 7‘while’ in past cont. tenseRewrite the sentences using ‘while’
Exercise 8 Past cont. tenseMatch the pictures with the sentences and complete the sentences.
Exercise 9Present perfect tenseUsing present perfect tense in 3rd person singular.
Exercise 10* Phrasal Verbscommon phrasal verbs with ‘take’ and ‘look’
Exercise 11* Indefinite Pronounscomplete the sentences with correct indefinite pronouns-somebody, anything etc
*answer key included