Vocabulary acquisition

Learning a language is a long process including vocabulary acquisition. It is an essential process to be able to make sentences, write smoothly, express your opinions better in writing and speaking. This can be overcome by following some strategies such as:

  • Keeping a diary : You will see how much you progress and how many words you add to your  vocabulary span. Keeping diary can be done in many ways such as

Or you can keep your vocabulary diary in more details as in :

It’s possible to add many columns in your diary.

  • Repetition: You can make a vocabulary treasure box by writing a word on one side of the small card next to the meaning, a picture or a sentence which could , something is going to remind it on the other side of the card. You can repeat these day by day
  • Category: This is another way to learn a bunch of words effectively by categorizing. This can be done through a mind map such as:

Categorising according to the features/definitions is another way to achieve this, for  example:

  • Practice: After you learn new vocabulary it is important to practice it. That means to use it in a daily conversation or in your writing. In this way, it will more effective you store the words in your memory span and recall them when needed.