Past continuous Tense

1. We use past continuous tense to talk about an action that begins at a particular time in the past and continues at another time or action in the past.
2. None action verbs are not usually used with the past continuous.
3. We make the past continuous with was or were and the ing form of the verb.

Positive Form:

SubjectAuxiliary verbVerb+ing

Negative Form:

subjectauxiliary verbverb+ing
I/He/She/Itwasn’t (short form)
was not
watching a film.
You/We/Theyweren’t (short form)
were not
watching a film

Past Continuous Tense Worksheets

Worksheet 1 forming past continuous tense, describing pictures in the past
Worksheet 2 matching and forming sentences according to the picture.
Worksheet 3 describing a picture and forming past continuous tense.
Worksheet 4 describing a picture in past continuous tense.
Worksheet 5 using past continuous tense with ‘when‘ and ‘while’.
Worksheet 6 eliciting vocabulary (beach), and making sentences.
Worksheet 7 matching actions in the pictures with sentences and completing the
sentences according to the picture.
Worksheet 8 answering questions according to the picture clues.