A1 Level

A1 Level is a basic user according to the CEFR. What can they do?

Learner who is at A1 Level in English can

  • have basic conversation, ask for menu in a restaurant and order food, book a hotel etc.
  • understand everyday conversation and express her/his own feelings, likes/dislikes, short and clear answers.
  • write simple paragraph in present tense and tell what happened in the past.

See below for some worksheets you can use in your classroom.

Exercise 1Prepositions of place (in, on, at)fill in the blanks with the correct prepositions
Exercise 2*Prepositions of place (in, between, opposite, etc)match pictures with sentences
Exercise 3Like+Ving (hobbies)speak and write what you like doing
Exercise 4* Present Cont. Tensematch the sentences with the pictures.
Exercise 5*Present Cont. Tensepicture description-forming verbs in present cont. tense
Exercise 6Present Cont. Tensea 4-page picture description activities in present cont. tense
Exercise 7*Present Cont. Tense-question forman activity to practise asking and answering questions
Exercise 8Verbs in present cont. tenserules about how to form verbs in present cont. tense
Exercise 9*Present Cont. Tensean activity to complete the sentences
Exercise 10* Past Tense-regular verbscomplete the sentences with the verbs given.
Exercise 11*last, yesterday, agofill in the blanks with past time expressions
Exercise 12*Past tense-regular verbscomplete the sentences with the verbs given.
Exercise 13* Timetelling time with actions using ‘at’.
Exercise 14*Have/Has gottelling what she has got or hasn’t got according to the picture.
*answer key included