Pre A1 Level

Exercise 1classroom instructionsvery basic classroom instructions-writing exercise
Exercise 2classroom objectsmatch the pictures with the words
Exercise 3numbersmatch the numbers 1-10 and writing them
Exercise 4school subjectspractise school subject vocabulary
Exercise 5jobsmatch jobs and writing practice.
Exercise 6colourspractise colours for especially young learners
Exercise 7pluralspractise -s, and -es in plural form.
Exercise 8like/don’t like/good atspeak about activities and interests

A1 Level

Exercise 1Prepositions of placefill in the blanks with the correct prepositions
Exercise 2*Prepositions of placematch pictures with sentences
Exercise 3Like+Ving (hobbies)speak and write what you like doing
Exercise 4*Present Cont. Tensematch the sentences with the pictures.
Exercise 5*Present Cont. Tensepicture description-forming verbs in present cont. tense
Exercise 6Present Cont. Tensea 4-page picture description activities in present cont. t.
Exercise 7*Present Cont. Tense-question forman activity to practise asking and answering questions
Exercise 8Verbs in present cont. tenserules about how to form verbs in present cont. t
Exercise 9*Present Cont. Tensean activity to complete the sentences
Exercise 10* Past Tense-regular verbscomplete the sentences with the verbs given.
Exercise 11*last, yesterday, agofill in the blanks with past time expressions
Exercise 12*Past tense-regular verbscomplete the sentences with the verbs given.
*answer key included

A2 Level

Exercise 1Time prepositionsComplete the sentences with a correct preposition
Exercise 2If-zero conditionalsRewrite the sentences by using if conditionals.
Exercise 3If-first conditionalsRewrite the sentences, match and complete them
Exercise 4ComparativesAn activity to practise comparatives (-er/more + adj)
Exercise 5*Past continuous tenseMake sentences using the picture given
Exercise 6*Past continuous tensePicture description and verb forming in past cont. tense
Exercise 7‘while’ in past cont. tenseRewrite the sentences using ‘while’
Exercise 8Past continuous tenseMatch the pictures with the sentences and complete the sentences.
Exercise 9Present perfect tenseUsing present perfect tense in 3rd person singular.
*answer key included