Indefinite Pronouns

nobody/no onenothingnowhere

We use indefinite pronouns without saying a specific person, or a thing or a place.

Anybody/anyone, anything and anywhere

We use anyone, anybody and anything to refer to both an open, unlimited set of things or people and specific things or people. We use them with a singular verb:

               I don’t know anyone who speaks Chinese.

                Can I do anything to help?

Put those anywhere you’d like.

Nobody/no one, nothing and nowhere

We use no one, nobody, nothing and nowhere to refer to an absence of people, things or places. We use them with a singular verb:

     Nobody ever goes to see her. She’s very lonely.

     You usually have to wait for a long time. Nothing happens quickly.

     There was nowhere to park the car.

    Nobody said anything.

Somebody/someone, something and somewhere

We use someone, somebody, something, somewhere in affirmative clauses and in questions expecting a particular answer. We can use them to refer to both general and specific people or things. We use them with a singular verb:

    I know someone who gives piano lessons. (a specific person)

   Somebody has obviously made a mistake. (general, we don’t know who)

   Can you hear something?

  I can’t find my keys. I must have put them somewhere.